Efrata is active in the area of Communication & Public Relations, with offices in Athens, Dubai (through our sister company VCOM) and presence in London.

Efrata’s approach is client-centric, combining the importance in detail of a boutique PR company with the deep knowledge and experience of an international company, with main goal being the best possible results for our clients. In line with the traditional media, efrata is at the same time specialising in social PR media, digital marketing and creative services, offering, at international level, complete communication programs to our clients.

Our philosophy
Our philosophy is simple. To bring solid, measurable communication results in a modern work environment. We are proud to say that our principles are passion, enthusiasm, motive and fun.

Our approach
The way that companies communicate has dramatically changed as a result of technology and globalisation. The facts have changed from the age of traditional communication (creation, dissemination, consumption). Today content can be created, disclosed and communicated by anyone. There is a continuous flow of information, to which companies should adapt but also follow.

Today, communication contains the meaning of participation, and not simply “the dissemination of the message”.

In the future, communication will become more direct and regular. The adaptability and responsiveness will be essential elements for success. The content will be also visual, not only verbal. It will be interactive, not only interesting. Brands must learn to live with crises and without having control. PR, social media and digital marketing will constitute integrated communication services. The “list” of services and communication “channels” will grow and we will be able to talk about measurable results.

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